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5 hot websites you’ve never heard of before

Are you tired of just visiting the same websites repeatedly? Yeah, me too. Sometimes it’s nice to view a website you’ve never heard of before. The internet is jam-packed with hundreds of thousands of websites and it is practically impossible for you to know of each and every one. Don’t fret, what follows is five (hot, cool, funky, you name it) websites that you probably haven’t heard of before and should definitely go check out.

hot websites PHave you ever wondered just how old you’re getting? Well, I have, and I’ve discovered a lovely little website that puts my age into perspective for me. You.regettingold.com is a website that takes an entertaining spin towards your age. You start by entering your birthdate, then it grants you with how many days you are old, which combination of celebrity babies has the same age as you, and then gives you a timeline of historical events that happened in your lifetime and what age you were then. There are also a few other interesting facts that they give. A must visit if you wish to impress your friends with your historic related knowledge.

As a student, I’ve often come home after class, only to find that all that’s left in my fridge is an egg, an open can of spaghetti, and a bottle of milk that luckily hasn’t reached its best before date, yet. Now, most of the time this constituted a long trip to the supermarket (or McDonald’s, which was just a block away) as I haven’t heard of SuperCookyet. It’s a website that allows you to enter the ingredients you have and give you recipes based on them. Yay! No more unwanted trips to the supermarket!

If what you’re looking for is to elevate some boredom, then you might want to have a look at rumble.com. I’m always out of the loop when it comes to viral videos and always wonder where people get theirs from. Apparently, there’s a site. Rumble.com is a viral video site that allows its members to upload viral videos. It then encourages each user to share it with their friends. Always wanted to go viral? Here’s your chance.

One hot website this season is CasinoCanada.com. It's a resource about Online Canadian Casinos, everything you wanted to know about online gambling in Canada, regulations, deposit and withdrawal options, games and news from the Canadian online casino gambling theme.

Every Noise at Once. No, it won’t be literally playing every single noise in the world at once- pretty sure that will cause people to go insane. It is a website for those of you who are looking for a new music genre without stepping out of your comfort bubble too much. This sitemaps all genres to ever grace the earth and place it in relative proximity to those similar. So, you simply find your current favorite genre and then look at some of those surrounding it. Might I suggest using the ctrl + f function to search the clutter? It might take quite a bit of time otherwise.

Got a lot of time on your hands and looking for something both fun and infuriating to do? There is a perfect site for you! GeoGuessr -a site created to drive one nuts. The rules of the game are simple. You get virtually dropped somewhere on the world map and then must make a guess about where you are. Fun, addicting, very time-consuming. The game also allows challenge mode where you can challenge your friends and see who can guess first. Goodbye free-time!

There you go! The next time you find yourself with some free time, go have a look at the interesting facts about your age or challenge your friends to a tough game of GeoGuessr. Or, simply WOW the crowd with your astonishing knowledge on wacky websites. It’s up to you.